The play-based start every child deserves

This program supports relationships between families through at home learning activities


According to the latest research, "Success in school, as in many aspects of life, is about relationships, as well as about what is known, and the skills one has. The relationships we form with others provide the basis and the context for just about everything we do. One of the most worthwhile things we can do as educators and parents is to form and build upon positive relationships with children, especially during critical change periods, such as when they are starting school,"

(Dockett and Perry).

Benefits of the Get Ready For School COMPLETE KIT & Ultimate Package

  • Learning activities are playful and align to the Australian Curriculum

    This means that as a parent you know that the learning taking place in your home will support your child's confidence when they reach school as they will have rich prior experiences to draw on from the playful activities and meaningful conversations that you have both shared

  • This program is built around activities that require minimal preparation and resources

    This means that there is less organising and spending and more time connecting with your child through these cleverly designed and easy to implement activities

  • Your learning as a parent will support your conversations with your child's teacher

    It will empower you to share your knowledge of your child and feel confident in discussing learning no matter what your own educational background is

The Ultimate Package - Get Ready For School Australia

The Ultimate Package

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