4 Ways to Make Car Trips With Kids Under 5 Educational

by Get Ready For School Australia on July 08, 2019


Are you sick of hearing ‘are we there yet?’ Or the constant nag on a car trip because someone is bored. In this article, you’ll find 4 ways to make your next car trip an enjoyable, easy and educational experience for your little person (whilst also saving your sanity).


1.    I spy

I spy can be played in many different ways. You might play it using colours. For example, “I spy something that is green”. You might play it using measurements. For example, “I spy something that is tall”. And as an old favourite, you may play it using letters of the alphabet or even a sound. For example, “I spy something that starts with a sssssssss sound”. Whatever the way you choose to play it, there are hours of fun to be had with this no-cost game.


2.    Shopping Trolley

Each player in the car takes turns of adding two things to an imaginary shopping trolley. For example, mum might say (in full sentences) “I am going to add pickles and bananas to the shopping trolley”. The next player will then add two different items. The most important rule is to not double up!


3.    Rhyming time

Learning to rhyme is a tricky but very fun skill to have. Practise identifying something that you can see outside the window and see how many rhyming words everyone can come up with. It is okay if they don’t make sense, as long as they rhyme!


4.    Music Mad

To improve expression and your child’s volume, try this game. Pick a familiar nursery rhyme and sing the song together. Then, pick another genre to sing the song in. Have you ever heard of opera Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Or heavy metal Row Row Row your Boat? Because you’re about to!



There are many educational ways to engage your child on car trips whether it is through these no-cost games or listening to audio stories. What is truly powerful, is engaging your child in rich, meaningful conversations along the drive, using open ended questions (questions that require more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer). And discussing big questions or the day ahead. For more activities visit www.getreadyforschoolaustralia.com

Do you have an educational activity that your family enjoys in the car? 

by Sonya Noble on July 10, 2019

We are going to try the rhyming game next! thank you for sharing and also thank you for kit! Little George LOVES it! We use it everyday! I am buying my nephew one for his birthday next month. Keep inspiring.

by Kate Hedges on July 10, 2019

Great blog! We love to pick a colour and count how many cars we see along the way.


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