Exploring Letters & Numerals Pack

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What we have found is that most Australian families do not realise that every State has a different writing font.

Whilst your child doesn't need to be able to write every single letter and number correctly when they enter school we have put together a simple pack to support you in teaching your child how to form letters and numbers correctly so that they do not become frustrated when they enter school and lose confidence when they have to learn a different way to form their letters and numbers. 

This pack includes:

- A printed copy of  Exploring Letters and Sounds workbook for your child to use at home.

- A printed copy Forming Numerals workbook for your child to develop their knowledge and practise of numeral formation for 0-10


- A laminated set of Personalised Name Writing Set Simply purchase this product and at checkout enter your child's name in the field allocated. We will then custom design a set in your State or Territory's font.

- A Micador Early Start Safety Marker


- A laminated Early Learning Sticker Chart for you to display on your fridge or somewhere in your home to monitor your child's learning and celebrate their development.

- 90 Assorted Star Reward Stickers