Hard Copy - Free Delivery - The Complete School Readiness Kit


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- A plastic document box to house all of your learning materials

- A laminated Personalised Name Writing Set. Set of six pages in total.

- A print copy of the book 'How to Get Ready for English'

- A print copy of the book 'How to Get Ready for Maths' 

- A print copy of the book 'How to Get Ready for Science' 

 These How To guides are written specifically for Australian parents by an Australian Educator. They align to the Australian Curriculum and are parent friendly and easy to use. They act as a guide and journal for you to monitor where you child is at, and gather ideas of what you are going to do as a parent to support their next steps in learning at home.

- A printed Exploring Letters and Sounds Workbook 

- A printed Numeral Formation Workbook

- A laminated Early Learning Sticker Chart for you to display on your fridge, or somewhere in your home, to monitor your child's learning and celebrate their development.