The Get Ready for School Australia program helps children aged from 3 to 5 prepare for their school years in a fun way, supported by you - their parents. 


Benefits for your child

Your child will love spending quality time with you while they engage in playful learning activities. Their feeling of confidence and success will continue to grow as they continue their learning journey.  The cleverly curated activities in the program support future school learning. It’s a great start to school.  

Benefits for you

The Get Ready for School Australia program provides clear guidance to give your child a head start. They have easy to follow activities that only use items that you’d generally already have in your home.

No more worrying about how to help your child. Get Ready for School Australia takes away all the guesswork and makes it so easy for you to help your child build a strong foundation for success, based on their love of learning.

It’s all about the right tools

Simple, engaging activities. An adaptable structure.  Clear advice. All of these make our Get Ready for School program the perfect way to support your child’s learning at home. 

Different states – different writing

There are different styles of fonts and writing methods across each Australian State and Territory. If your child learns the wrong one for their State or Territory, they’ll have to re-learn it when they go to school. With the Get Ready for School Australia program, this is not an issue. The materials we supply are specific to your State or Territory. Your child will learn the right font and writing style that they’ll use at school. 

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