Step 1: Click on the yellow menu box in the right corner of your screen and head to Products > Select your location > Select 'The Complete Program' (you can buy the products individually, but they do work out cheaper purchased in the Complete Program). Purchase The Complete Collection which includes everything that an Aussie family needs to assist their child in preparing for the academic rigour of the Australian Curriculum. Don't worry...the activities are worded for parents and are quite explicit.

Step 2: Use the products. Use the How To Books for parents that are in your collection to select activities to complete with your child. Make notes in the journal sections at the bottom of the books. Use the Early Learning Sticker Chart to monitor your child's academic progress and as a tool to celebrate learning in the home.

Use the personalised name writing cards that are written in Australian school fonts that we customise just for your child. Print these out as many times as you like!

The same goes with the re-printable kids workbooks for literacy and numeracy which have also been created using the font that your child, pending their location, will be using at school and will be learning to write with. Don't worry, there are arrows to aid as visual tools for both yourself and your young learner.


Step 3: Enjoy this program! Enjoy knowing that no matter what activity you choose to do with your child at home that is low cost to no-cost, age appropriate, and aligned to the Foundation level of the Australian Curriculum as well as written by an Australian Educator.