Laminated Personalised Name Writing Set 

Want to help your child write their own name? The Laminated Personalised Name Writing Set is for you. You’ll receive 6 laminated custom-designed cards in the font for your State or Territory.


School Readiness Starter Kit

Forming letters and numerals is the next step for your child. Help them to develop their fine motor skills and to gain confidence. It’s so rewarding for you – and your child.

They’ll love learning  from the Get Ready for School Australia School Readiness Starter Kit. This kit has reusable laminated cards, workbooks, safety marker, sticker charts and  assorted reward stickers. 

And because it’s a Get Ready for School Australia program, it uses the font and writing style for your State or Territory.


The Complete School Readiness Kit

Helping your child engage regularly in hands-on, playful learning activities to support their confidence and success in their first year of formal school is awesome.  So is encouraging their love of learning and developing their fine motor skills. 

The Complete School Readiness Program is the one for you. In the font and writing style for your State or Territory, there are activity guide books for you and workbooks galore for you child, as well as laminated sheets, personalised name writing, sticker charts and much more.


The Ultimate Package

Want the whole kit and caboodle? You want The Ultimate Package.

Wow. This is jam-packed value. Guide books for you. Workbooks for your child. Personalised certificates. Labels for around the house. A back pack. A whiteboard or black board. Marker pens and eraser. 2 containers of playdough. Plus countless other value-filled items. Your child will be over the moon and have constant early learning fun and stimulus.

And naturally, it relates to your own State or Territory with the font and writing.